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River Bank will NEVER ask for your password, PIN, or secure access code. If asked for any of this information, hang up and call us right away. "Contact Us" Scammers and fraudsters are constantly coming up with new and more sophisticated ways to deceive you. While it may seem overwhelming at first, there are plenty of ways to protect yourself from falling victim to fraud.For more information "Click Here"

How to avoid Tech Support Scam                                             Wire Transfer Scam

Online Romance Scam                                                                Family Emergency Imposter Scam


Online Security

The internet can be a convenient way to do business, shop, etc. but cyber thieves can use a variety of methods to infect your computer with malware, or poisonous software. If your computer becomes infected, you probably won't even know it.To learn more about how you can protect your computer and privacy "Click Here"

 Computer Security                                                                         Hijacked Computer: What to Do


Protect Your Computer from Malware


Protecting Kids Online

The opportunities kids have on the internet comes with benefits and risks. To learn more about how to protect your child while online "Click Here"

Chatting with Kids About Being Online                                           Stand Up to Cyberbullying


Heads Up                                                                                                 Share with Care


FDIC Money Smart

Money Smart is a comprehensive financial education curriculum developed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) which is designed to help individuals outside the financial mainstream enhance their financial skills and create positive banking relationships. Financial education fosters financial stability for individuals, families, and entire communities. The more people know about credit and banking services, the more likely they are increase savings, buy homes, and improve their financial health and well-being.

The Money Smart curriculum for consumers is available free of charge in several versions:

  • Instructor-led curricula for adults available in nine languages and Braille and large print versions for the visually impaired
  • Instructor-led curricula series for young people in grades Pre-K through 12
  • A stand-alone instructor-led module developed by the FDIC and CFPB that targets the needs of older adults (age 62 and older). Money Smart for Older Adults is available in English and Spanish.
  • A self-paced Computer-Based Instruction (CBI) format online for ages 13 and over English and Spanish
  • A portable audio (MP3) version, Money Smart Podcast Network

And, the FDIC in collaboration with Small Business Administration (SBA), offers the Money Smart for Small Business instructor-led curriculum focusing on the needs of new or existing entrepreneurs.

Money Smart Photo

Money Smart for Adults

Money Smart for Young People

Money Smart for Older Adults

Money Smart for Small Business

Computer Based Instruction



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